Active Wear

Active wear is specialized clothing for physical activities, designed with breathable and moisture-wicking materials. Examples include leggings, tops, sports bras, and accessories. It prioritizes comfort and style for various workouts, promoting optimal performance.
Casual Wear

Casual wear refers to comfortable, informal clothing suitable for everyday activities. It includes relaxed styles such as jeans, T-shirts, casual shirts, and comfortable footwear. Casual wear is versatile, offering a laid-back and effortless look, ideal for various non-formal occasions and daily wear.
Children Wear

Children's wear encompasses clothing designed for kids, offering a range of styles from playtime to special occasions. It includes comfortable playwear, stylish casual outfits, and formal attire for events. Children's wear prioritizes both comfort and durability, ensuring a mix of practicality and fashion for young ones.
Infant Wear

Infant wear consists of clothing designed for babies, typically aged from newborn to around 12 months. These garments prioritize comfort, functionality, and ease of dressing for caregivers. Infant wear includes onesies, sleepers, bodysuits, and other soft garments tailored to the needs of the youngest members of the family.
Intimate Wear

Intimate wear refers to undergarments designed for comfort, support, and personal style. This category includes bras, panties, lingerie, and sleepwear. Intimate wear is crafted with soft fabrics and thoughtful designs, providing both functionality and a touch of elegance for personal expression and confidence.

Tudung refers to a traditional headscarf worn by Muslim women as a modest covering. It is an essential part of Islamic attire, often worn for religious and cultural reasons. Tudung comes in various styles and colors, serving both as a symbol of modesty and a fashion accessory. It is commonly worn to cover the head and neck, leaving the face uncovered.

Uniforms are standardized clothing worn by individuals as a symbol of identification with a particular group, organization, or profession. They promote a sense of unity, equality, and professionalism. Uniforms vary widely and can be found in schools, military, healthcare, hospitality, and other industries, serving functional and aesthetic purposes while fostering a cohesive identity.

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